Everledger A Digital Global Ledger

At Everledger, we build innovative solutions in markets where provenance matters and where transparency is key to ensuring ethical trade. "Information on the blockchain is cryptographically proven by a federated consensus, instead of being written by just one person.". Everledger is first focusing on industrial supply chains. Its exploring applications with museum and exhibition clients. In the meantime Everledger is adding other luxury goods to the blockchain.

Everledger Adds Diamond Provenance Protocol

Everledger, a global digital registry for diamonds, powered by the blockchain - the decentralised ledger underpinning cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Charlie Surbey, advertisement, now Kemp plans to extend London-based Everledger's scope by building an anti-counterfeit database for other precious goods.

Everledger Review: Secure Transparent Digital Asset Ledger Vault?

IStock/sorawat_c, subscribe to wired, a diamond's past is rarely crystal clear. The blockchain, a distributed computing technology that powers Bitcoin and so many other cryptocurrencies, could be a solution.

Tierion ICO Raises 25 Million to Secure Data Through Ethereum

"Blockchain is immutable; it cannot be changed, so records are permanently stored says Kemp. But the diamond business has been one of the first to embrace the technology wholeheartedly.

Everledger Partners With Shping, Delivering The Future of Informed

A London-based company called, everledger has placed more than.6 million diamonds on a blockchain. It can be a challenge to ensure beyond a promise that youre buying an authentic, conflict-free gem. How the blockchain will enable self-service government.