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Read also: Which messaging apps are trustworthy? Sure, it takes extra work and time to log in to your accounts, but at the end of the day what's a few seconds when your personal information is involved? So now you do not have any excuses not to protect your info better. To extract the secret keys manually you need to give adb root access, this is easily done with an app like root adbd Insecure if youve got stock ROM. The main drawback here is that one token allows for one secret key only.

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When you first set up your Google Authenticator simply make a screenshot of the barcode with the secret key. Dont worry, theyre not anywhere to be found and your hold on reality hasnt slipped yet! . It requires you to have root access to the smartphones. Pretend youre a spy since the number is only good for something like 30 seconds and flashes and turns red when youre running out of time. If you haven't enabled two-step authentication, you should stop what you're doing now, head over to your Google account, and enable this must-have security feature.

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After you use a backup code once its gone for good. Google, play Store as you would any other app. A six-digit number should pop up on your phone if youre successful. Authenticator app (Default) box to edit these settings. .

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Yes, it adds an extra step to gaining access to your account, but that extra step could very well mean the difference between your account getting hacked or not. Other things that you might want to keep in mind when it comes to printed out backup codes: You do not have them at hand at all times. Getting root access can significantly damage the security of your apps and make the device prone to getting viruses and errors. What does it change?

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You'll need to visit each site individually and scan the QR code with your new device. Here's how to move the authenticator app to a new device or disable it completely: Step 1: First you'll want to install and sign in to the app on your new device. Thus, two-factor authentication protects from brute force, keyloggers, most cases of phishing and social engineering.

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3 ways to backup, google, authenticator, backup codes, google, as well as some of the other websites where you can protect your user account with two-step authentication, provides backup codes. In this article, we will answer these nagging questions and help you protect your invaluable personal data. Dont you dare click on anything yet. Read also: What is Online Skimming and How to Avoid It Manually Extract Your Credentials Root Only Note: There are many ways to manually transfer Google Authenticator if you have an Android smartphone with root access.

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Select Android from the list and click Continue. Most people print out these. Let me walk you through the process of migrating the. A popup will ask you if you want to change phones or remove.